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Calendar of Events

December 9, 2011                            Santa’s Village                                                                                   7pm

                                                                411 W. Arapaho, Richardson, TX               

Contact:  Renee Gray



January 21, 2012                               Equipping the Worshipper & Worshipping the King          10am-7pm

                                                                Dance Workshop & Worship Service

                                                                Mt. Hebron Missionary Baptist Church, Garland, TX

Contact:  Renee Gray



February 3-4, 2012                           Dancer’s Boot Camp 2:  Intense Fire                                    Fri 7pm- Sat 5pm

                                                                Cornerstone Christian Center, South Chgo Heights, IL

Contact:  Kim Bacon



March 2-3, 2012                                Vertical Worship Creative Arts Prayer Summit                Fri 7pm-Sat 5pm

                                                                Austin, TX

Contact:  Angela Brown



April 27-28, 2012                              Expecting His Acceleration Leadership Conference        Fri 7pm-Sat 10pm

                                                                Dallas, TX

Contact:  Renee Gray



September 21-22, 2012                 Dancer’s Boot Camp 1                                                                Fri 7pm-Sat 5pm

                                                                Dallas, TX

Contact:  Renee Gray




 Minister Renee Gray is available to minister in your city/country in the following areas:


 Forms of Dance:                              Ballet, Modern, Jazz & Tap

Basic Weaponry Training:         Flags, Streamers, Tamborines & Billows

Biblical Teaching: Holy Spirit, Leadership, Mentoring & Prophecy & more

School/Ministry Teaching:     How to start dance ministry/school, How to maintain creativity, Choreography


Invite Minister Renee Gray to your